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Bismarck and Mandan

The Bismarck-Mandan community combines the best of rural and urban living.

The Bismarck MSA is home to over 100,000 people. This population is centered in Bismarck and Mandan, with 59,000 and 19,000 residents, respectively. The remainder of the population resides in the surrounding areas of Burleigh and Morton Counties.
Bismarck and Mandan are located in the Central Time Zone, a part of the Plains Midwest region of the United States.

Cities of Rich History

Bismarck and Mandan, sister cities once separated by the mighty Missouri River, sprang up in North Dakota in the late 1880's when the transcontinental railroad was built.

Bismarck was born when the Northern Pacific Railroad reached the east bank of the Missouri River in 1873. Named by the Northern Pacific Railroad after Germany's "Iron Chancellor", Otto Von Bismarck, the little town hoped to receive German capital to invest in railroad construction. From that little town grew the heart of state government and the capitol of North Dakota.

Mandan, named for the Mantani Indians, or "people of the bank", was founded as the center of western expansion of the iron rail. In 1883, a railroad bridge was built, linking the towns and joining the east with west.

Today, Bismarck-Mandan remains a trade and transportation hub. In addition to agriculture, the states largest industry, energy has played a significant role in the growth of Bismarck-Mandan. Several major energy companies are located here, each pursuing the development of oil, coal and synthetic fuels.

Bismarck-Mandan is a thriving medical center, and boasts the largest medical facilities between Minneapolis and the west coast. Most recently, data processing and customer service centers are adding to the economic base of the community.

The statistics are certainly impressive: low crime, clear skies, clean water, an excellent education system, and abundant business opportunities. It all adds up to something that's harder to quantify, but easy to describe: the high quality of life we enjoy here, and invite you to experience for yourself. Among all 50 states, North Dakota is the safest.

Bismarck-Mandan offers a variety of educational opportunities, including fully accredited public schools, as well as private elementary, secondary and university.

Bismarck-Mandan is a regional healthcare leader. Our 2 major medical centers, Medcenter One Health Systems and St. Alexius Primecare plus numerous affiliated and independent clinics provide care for individuals from four states and two Canadian provinces.

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